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Devices and accessories for use when moving, repositioning, tending to the needs of the infirmed.

Caregivers Aide

Need help moving a patient?

For physically challenged, bed ridden or infirm individuals, Caregivers Aide, LLC offers helpful devices for patient care. Not patient lifting devices, but helpers for the care giver, the Bed Sled, Lavin Lift Straps and other devices listed here can be used for a recliner, hospital bed, twin, or full-sized bed.

Caregiving accessories or hospital bed equipment can be expensive. Patient lifting devices or equipment can be clumsy and cumbersome. The Caregivers Aide, LLC product line of devices and accessories for the infirm are priced affordably, are simple to use and effective. Caregivers Aide, LLC products may be used for Stroke, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS and more.

Caregiver's Aide, LLC strives to bring quality durable medical equipment and devices to the care giver needing assistance for handling infirm individuals.

When looking for handicap or mobility equipment for physically challenged, bed ridden or infirm individuals the Caregivers Aide line of products may serve your needs perfectly. Caring for a disabled loved one or client can be hard and demanding. It is my hope that what you find here when used in your own situation will brighten your day and make your tasks a little easier.


If caring for them today
means you won't be able to
move your own body tomorrow
it's time to get help.

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Bed Sled
Bed Sled®

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