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Devices and accessories for use when moving, repositioning, tending to the needs of the infirmed.

Caregivers Aide

Need help moving a patient?

Caregivers Aide, LLC offers helpful devices for a caregiver to assist moving, repositioning, sliding the physically challenged, bed ridden, or infirm patient suffering with:

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s
  • Lou Gehrig Disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Surgery recovery
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s, dementia
  • Displaced joints
  • and more.

They are simple to use and effective. Use them for:

  • Getting the patient into a recliner
  • Repositioning the patient while in their hospital beds, twin, or full-sized beds
  • Animals too that need our care

Caregivers Aide provides quality and value along with professional and caring customer service. We are committed to helping you give the best patient care possible. Our products address our needs (yours and mine) as caregivers, and our patient's needs. Caregivers Aide products are affordable, simple to use and effective.

If caring for them today
means you won't be able to
move your own body tomorrow,
it's time to get help.

What We Offer

Caregiver's Aide, LLC strives to bring quality durable medical equipment and devices to caregivers needing assistance for handling infirm individuals, pets included.

The Bed Sled was created by me, adapting the laminated incontinence pad by adding strong webbing handles, to move my husband around in the bed and to get him seated into his recliner. It became the most useful tool in caring for my husband and is a best-selling item. The Bed Sled is available in three lengths: 40”, 60” or 72”.

The Doggie Bed Sled is also available for pets. I used these for my Black Labrador dogs as they were declining - the larger size works well for large dogs. Using the Bed Sled with the dog laying on it, sliding the dog along on the floor, made it easier to get them to the door when they had to relieve themselves. Also, the absorbent pad protected carpet and furniture from leaking wounds.

As my husband’s needs progressed, the Nylon Slide Sheet was developed using special very slippery nylon, used alone or under the Bed Sled to make sliding SO much easier. A variation is the Slide Sheet with Wings. The wings are extra cloth fabric to tuck under the mattress to keep the slide sheet in place. It depends on your situation if you want the slide sheet to remain under the patient. Leaving the Nylon Slide Sheet under the patient is not recommended. The Nylon Slide Sheet is so slippery the patient will continue to slide when you want him stable. The one with wings works if your patient is not so prone to movement.

The Skid Seat is a strong canvas cloth sized to fit the wheelchair seat with secure handles attached at the sides to assist in seating the patient in his chair or wheelchair. The patient may be repositioned by one person, but preferably two, when he slides forward or sideways. The Skid Seat is cotton canvas cloth, or a waterproof incontinent pad cloth, which will keep the patient ‘s chair dry in case of accidents. The Skid Seat may not work on all wheelchairs and will not work on Geri chairs as the back is too high for the caregiver to reach the handles.

Bed Pads - incontinence pads - waterproof, washable, reusable. We offer two variations - one that is the laminated fabric as used in the Bed Sled, and the other traditional loose back style. Both are waterproof and reusable. The laminated fabrics do not shift under the patient or bunch up. They are a little bulky in the washing machine. The loose back style is just as waterproof but may bunch up under the patient and require straightening.

Seat Pads - protect chairs from wetting accidents. Also useful in the auto. May serve as Doggie Pee Pads or cage liners for pets. This is the pad used to make the absorbent pad Skid Seat.

The bibs are waterproof to protect from eating mishaps, and excessive drooling. We offer both the crumb catcher style and straight bottom.

The Lavin Lift Company is the originator of the Lavin Lift Strap. Caregivers Aide is the manufacturer of their product and can offer their products to you through a drop ship program. When you place an order for the Lavin Lift Strap, we process your order through our system. The Lavin Lift company in Michigan ships the product direct to you. Processing time is the same as for our own products.

Can't Find What You Need?

Custom work is our specialty. If you need a specific size bed pad, Bed Sled, or other item not in our listing, email us or give us a call to discuss what you need. We may be able to make a custom item for you.


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