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"We found the Bed Sled® easy to use on all types of residents. It is a great way to reposition contracted patients. The Bed Sled® made it easier to slide patients up in the bed, especially our larger patients who are difficult to reposition higher in the bed. It makes transferring a patient from the bed to the shower then back to bed much easier.

Used as a sling, CNAs can turn patients on their side by themselves. The Bed Sled® is large enough to hold enough of a person’s torso and legs that no one should fall out of it. For larger patients, the sling would need to be a bit larger.

We like the Bed Sled® and feel it will help us use our time wisely to reposition some of our patients. Plus, it makes transfers easier and safer for both our patients and ourselves."

- Guest Reviewers of the Bed Sled® for The Caregivers Voice
Norma Morris, CAN; Delia Marquez, CNA; Karissa Ferrill, CNA
Antelope Valley Care Center, Lancaster California

" My goodness! It’s better than I expected! My husband has dementia and is not able to move himself in bed. I have been moving him myself for a long time. I just found your Bed Sled on line. It came yesterday and I used it last night for the first time. It’s wonderful! It slides just enough and is so much easier on me. I can’t believe you designed this and make them yourself. You have a terrific product. I will tell all my friends about this Bed Sled and where they can get it. I love it! We are moving to be near family, and the Bed Sled is going in my suitcase. I have given your web-site info to two other ladies. Thank you. "

- Karen L., California

" As a nurse practitioner, I have seen family members, caregivers in homes, long term care and Assisted Living facilities struggle with moving patients. Unfortunately what happens is that if these patients are seen as difficult to move, there is less interaction with them. This leads to less toileting and changing of briefs and more complications develop. It wears on anyone taking care of someone with limited mobility. Your products were developed from your experiences with your husband and that is the best testimony. Anything that makes this task easier for the caregiver helps. I recommend your Skid Seat and Bed Sled products to my patients, their family, to staff members and my colleagues.. "

- Susan Rinkus Farrell MSN, RN, GNP-BC
Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
Owner, Healthy Bladder Solutions
Houston, Texas

" Before seating my wheelchair patient I place the Skid Seat onto the chair. It makes getting my patient back into the chair easy. The patient doesn't even realize I'm moving him until it's done! He's an older gentleman whose skin bruises easily and he has a short temper when being treated too rough. Using the Skid Seat helps start out the day with one less hassle to worry about."

- Kimberly H., CNA