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Skid Seat

Reposition a patient in their wheelchair using the Skid Seat®

  • Skid SeatSlide your patient DO NOT LIFT
  • Webbing loop handles extending from sides.
  • Tether strap to hold Skid Seat on chair during transfer.
  • Less jostling the patient.
  • No webbing under the patient.
  • Leave under the patient until soiled or needing repositioning.
  • Handles make moving large patients easier.

What Size do I need?
To get the correct size Skid Seat, measure between arms of wheelchair, and depth of seat. Skid Seat should fit between arms of wheelchair. If too wide the Skid Seat will be in the way of transferring patient into the wheelchair, and will bunch up under the patient once seated. Standard size is 18" wide by 16" deep. Skid Seat PLUS is 19-20" deep.

How does one use the Skid Seat™?