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How do you use the Skid Seat™ Repositioning Device?

  1. Place the Skid Seat™ on the seat of the chair to be used, covering the front 2/3 of the seat leaving the back 1/3 portion of the seat exposed.
  2. The tether strap should be wrapped around the back of the chair to keep the Skid from falling off the chair while the person is being seated.
  3. The disabled person is placed on the chair as he would normally be seated. In the act of sitting the patient will normally fall right into place on the pad in its pre-placed position.
  4. The caregiver moves from the front of the chair to the rear, behind the patient.
  5. While standing behind the chair holding the person to be repositioned, the caregiver slides his hands down the back of the chair in opposite corners on either side of the person’s back to reach the loops of the pad The caregiver’s knees are braced against the back of the chair on either side of the patient to allow the patient to be pulled back into the cavity formed at the back of the wheelchair. If the caregiver’s knees are positioned in the center back it will prevent the patient from being pulled completely into the chair.
  6. The caregiver then gives a gentle tug on the loops of the Skid with the person’s full weight being taken by the pad and slides the patient into a proper sitting position.

Care must be used to not jerk the Skid Seat™ too strongly or it will be pulled from beneath the person being seated. The patient must not assist in the repositioning in any way or he will lift himself off the pad while it is being pulled and it will be pulled out from under him. To work efficiently the pad must take the full weight of the patient. A few practice trials are all it takes to learn how much pull to exert. This procedure replaces the normal practice of using a pull sheet, tugging on their clothing or physically handling the person.

The Skid Seat™ will not hold the person upright while sitting but there are other products for that purpose. This product is solely for repositioning the seated person with as little discomfort to the seated person as possible and little or no strain on the caregiver.

The Skid Seat™ will not make the caregiver stronger. If the caregiver is able to move the patient by the traditional means of tugging on the clothing, using a sheet or lifting under the arms, the Skid Seat will work very well.