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Bibs & Washable Clothing Protectors

Now you can dress for dinner or special occasion with a prettybib which is

  1. Machine washable and dryable
  2. Waterproof barrier of polyurethane
  3. Decorative fabrics are 80-100% cotton
  4. Bound around all edges
  5. 18 inches wide


These cotton and poly urethane bibs are my contribution to helping to “Green” the American lifestyle.

These bibs are made from hand chosen fabrics purchased in small lots of 4 to 8 yards, so quantities of each pattern are limited.

Please note that the PLAID BIB is bound only around the neck but it is 22” wide. This PLAID BIB has a vinyl backing.

Bib Tips:
Anchor the bib to the patient's pants leg or side of the wheelchair to keep the bib from falling between the patient’s legs. I keep snap clothespins handy at the table.

A bottom pocket can be formed by folding up the bib at the bottom a couple inches, to help catch things before they reach the floor.