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Bed Sled AIR for use on Low Air Loss Mattresses, or wherever a more breathable fabric is required.

Works the same as the original Bed Sled to reposition a patient in their bed or wheelchair. One size – a generous 38" wide by 46" long. 1 1/2" webbing handles are sewn along the long edges on the underside, hidden from view but accessible when needed. A total of 10 handles - 5 handles on each side. No webbing under the patient.

What’s different?

The fabric: The Bed Sled Air is NOT for incontinence. The fabric is 100% polyester for moisture to be wicked away from the patient. This fabric will breathe - perfect for use on a Low Air Loss mattress.

Handles are sewn in line with the edge of the fabric and are not visible from the top. Reach under the fabric anywhere along the edge and you have a hand hold.

The size. A generous 38” width and 46” length means more support under the patient when being moved.

The Story: The Bed Sled AIR was developed at the request of a Bed Sled user whose patient had to advance to an air flow mattress. The regular Bed Sled worked well but because it is waterproof, would not allow the air flow mattress to circulate air as intended.

The Bed Sled Air fabric will not hold moisture as from bed wetting. If incontinence is an issue, other methods must be used in combination with the Air Bed Sled, that is, catheters or briefs.

How does one use the Bed Sled™?