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Three sizes to choose from. Cotton / Vinyl. Available with four handles (2 on each side), 35 inches x 35 inches; four handles (2 on each side) 35 inches x 40 inches; or ten handles (3 on each side, and 2 on top side and 2 on bottom side) 35 inches x 40 inches. A reusable absorbent pad model with nylon straps sewn along sides with loop handles attached and extending from both sides. No webbing under the patient.

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Benefits of using the Care-Give-R-Lift Bed Sled

  • With 6 handles or 10 handles, the position of the handles along each side is spaced so caregiver’s arms are not stretched beyond a safe, comfortable distance
  • Vintex Uniply construction stays in place under the patient; does not "bunch up".
  • Less jostling the patient. Can be left under the patient until soiled or needing repositioning.
  • Comfortable webbing handles securely attached make moving bariatric patients easier.
  • Economical. Buy one or one dozen. Quantity discounts available.

How does one use the Bed Sled™?